Is Your Home Filled With Toxic Mold?

Is Your Home Filled With Toxic Mold?

Call for a thorough mold remediation in Everett & Marysville, WA

Your basement smells like mildew. You're worried a leaky pipe might have caused mold growth in your home. Fortunately, the professionals at A&M Restoration can solve your problem. We're the company to trust for mold cleanup services.

We'll test for mold in various areas of your home using a moisture meter and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. We'll go over our solution so you can have confidence in our ability to remove all of the mold in your space.

Stop mold from growing in your home. Speak with the mold remediation specialist at A&M Restoration today about your job. Call our Everett, WA location at 360-913-4392.

Focused on making your space safe again

A&M Restoration is home to a mold remediation specialist who is committed to eliminating all of the mold in your space.

There are numerous signs you have mold in your home, such as:

  • Smelling mold
  • Seeing mold
  • Condensation on windows or metal pipes
  • Headaches, chronic coughing or having trouble concentrating

If you notice any of these clues, choose A&M Restoration for mold cleanup services. We use plant-based chemicals to kill the mold in your space.

Get a free inspection from A&M Restoration in Everett & Marysville, WA as soon as possible.